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  Hello!    I immigrated to the US from Hyderabad, India in 1967.  My husband and I live in Framingham, Massachusetts. We have two children and three grandchildren, aged 9, 7 and 6.  I am an elementary school teacher, so very happy to be in a classroom.  You could say that teaching is my first passion and writing, my second.   I have taught fourth grade for the past 26 years, fifth grade for 2,  and am just as enthusiastic to be in the classroom now, as I was in my first year in this honorable profession.  I like to read and prefer to wind down the day with a book.  I am not too much into sports but have skied blue and black trails preferring the softer, groomed slopes of Colorado and Utah to the icy skiing of the New Hampshire.  I have a great respect for nature and think that here is no better sight than fruit growing on a tree.  I love to walk in my neighborhood.  I like my steak medium rare, and my potato with everything on it and I seldom tire of salads.  I prefer potato chips to cookies but sometimes I do have the urge for a luscious brownie or rich chocolate cake.
I love pizza too, with extra sauce!!
Psst....I love to watch TV!!  It helps me unwind....and yes, I have been keeping up with the you-know-who!

Hot -Hot Roti is my first picture book. It is dedicated to my grandchildren. My second book, a chapter book for upper elementary/middle grades is entitled, The Garden of my Imaan.  It was published by Peachtree in 2013 and has won several exciting awards. It is dedicated to my sister and my mother.  Check out the accolades page for additional information about my books. My third book (chapter book for upper elementary/middle grade) is contracted with Peachtree Publishers. 

Here is a picture of my beautiful, elegant, incomparable Mom.  She passed away in February of 2014. Miss you greatly, Mummy!

I am just now doing the revisions on Child of Spring.  I am very excited to see it in print soon.Keeping fingers crossed that it will be published in 2016!

OK...these are my writing tools...my laptop and my chair.  When I sit to write, I am right side up....I promise!


Here is a picture of me when I was married, oh so many years ago.....I look pretty grim because that's the way we did things oh so many years ago...At least my eyes and head are not modestly bowed!!


I like this family picture with my husband and my cute kids circa....some years ago!!


July/August 2014:  Just returned from a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Quebec City.  Highly recommend staying at the Fairmont Hotel (chateau de Frontenac)  within old city walls, for a great view of the St. Laurence and proximity to charming boutiques and eateries.  For the faint of heart, the Funiculaire is there to assist navigating the rather steep climb up. Just happened to there during 2014 Le Festival d'ete de Quebec ...an additional bonus.

Memories of lovely Quebec City, Canada July 2014

August 2014: Visit to Banff, BC.  Stayed at the Fairmont Springs....highly recommended, especially if you are into ghosts!  The Canadian Rockies are beyond spectacular!!!  Saw a mommy black bear and her cub!

April 2015:  One week in Venice, Italy!!!  Yay!!The geography of the place is beyond description!! This was my second visit, more leisurely and got to do what I wanted to do most of all.....walk, walk and walk the streets!! Each time I thought I had the hang of the place, I got lost!!  The food was spectacular...still trying to get the courses straight....antipasto....primo....secundo....contorno.....dulci.....what did I miss? The local fish was Mm, Mmm good!  I preferred to filet it myself and go on attack, bones and all! Did the Murano , Burano and Torcello Lagoon Island tour.  My glass necklace from Venice  this time turned out to be a fake!! I  should have....should have bought from a reputable shop in Murano and not a cheapy souvenir place in San Marco. Oh well...it is broken already and I have to find a way to repair it since it is rather pretty!! The last time in Venice was hot, hot, hot and we had to cool off with gelato...gelato....gelato.  This time, the weather was picture perfect....almost....only a couple of slightly rainy days, but what the heck.....It is Venice!!  Anyway we were armed.  Lost a hotel umbrella to an over eager tourist in the Peggy Gugenheim Museum.  That Peggy.... she was quite a collector!!  Visited a velvet making factory and had a great private demo tour of the place. Getting to Venice was adventuresome, what with Lufthansa on strike and missed flights en route.  Once there though, everything was promptly forgotten!!  Thank you, SMZ for taking me there!!!

Memories of a spectacular place!!

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